David Hutchings


Woking-based Pupil’s Life “Transformed” by Davis Dyslexia Programme

David’s mother Caroline and David’s Facilitator Evelyn White are available for interview

- tel: 08000 27 26 57.

David was just four years old when his school first picked up that he had problems with written letters, numbers and words.

“I remember how David struggled to read 6 and 8,” says David’s mother Caroline. “It took us 3 months of painstaking work at home before he could distinguish these two numbers.”

Then, at the age of 6, David’s handwriting took a sudden and unexplained turn for the worse, becoming wonky and crooked whereas previously it had been of a reasonably good quality. Caroline noticed that he had become depressed; alongside the new handwriting problem, David still had extreme difficulty deciphering words in reading. “In many respects, the classroom had become a very bewildering environment for David,” says Caroline.

Caroline decided to take the initiative and contacted Evelyn White of Dyslexia Surrey, who provides the Davis Dyslexia Programme from her base in Walton-on-Thames.

“Evelyn worked with David for 10 morning sessions over 3 weeks,” says Caroline. “But right from the very first session, there were striking changes that were taking place.

“On the way
home from David’s first session, he was playing with our 20Q game in the car. This is a game that presents 20 questions with flying one-line text.

“It was very popular in our family, but David had not been able to read what was on the screen.

“I was astonished, therefore, when David picked up the game and started reading the questions out loud. When I asked him how he was doing it, he told me that, when using a “mind tool” that Evelyn had given him for focusing, he was able to read the text clearly.”

David’s course continued with a combination of further mind-based tools, creative learning exercises based in plasticine clay, and balance and throwing exercises. One morning session was devoted to the handwriting problems that he had developed.

“After the session on handwriting, it was immediately obvious that David’s handwriting had become immensely better,” says Caroline.

The effect on David’s reading ability was no less dramatic; he emerged as a fast and fluent reader and retaining these gains over the three years since his programme with Evelyn.

“What impressed me most about the programme was the instant success that it enabled David to achieve, without the need for exercises based around endless drill and repetition” says Caroline. “My son David's life has been transformed through the course he did with Evelyn. He is now completely happy again and loves going to school again. His dyslexia is no longer a burden. This is the best thing we could have done for David!”

For further details of Evelyn White’s work with the Davis methods, visit http://www.dyslexia-surrey.co.uk/