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British Youtube celebrity Klaire de Lys to shave her head to raise funds for Davis Dyslexia Programme bursaries.

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Interview with Ron Davis, Fox Atlanta, 16 June 2009



Davis Methods in the UK - Dyslexia in Adults:


UK Media Coverage of the Davis Approach

Personnel Today:

Letter of the Week: Dyslexia in the Workplace - Disability or Talent? - by Davis Learning Foundation Director Richard Whitehead


The Daily Express:

How I Helped My Son Overcome Dyslexia (Louise and Tom Jameson), October 2007


The Daily Telegraph:

Up to 2m Britons 'have undiagnosed dyslexia', September 2007


Times Educational Supplement:

Picture This, March 2004


The Independent:

I can see clearly now: Beating Dyslexia With Clay 1998


Research and Reports on the Davis Methods

Summary of all research, and of books and academic articles citing the Davis methods


The Department for Children, Schools and Families' report on the Davis Methods:

The Davis Approach

Case Studies: The Davis Methods in Further Education


Reading Improvement Journal (US):

The Effect of the Davis Learning Strategies on First Grade Word Recognition and Subsequent Special Education Referrals


Rene Engelbrecht:


The effect of the Ron Davis programme on the reading ability and psychological functioning of children


Testimonials from UK clients and parents about the Davis Methods


Ron Davis Interview Footage

Ron Davis is the creator of the Davis Methods and founder of Davis Dyslexia Association International.

"In The Beginning" (CyberTV)


Two Interviews with Ron Davis (Conscious Media Network):


Interview 1

"Born autistic and dyslexic, Ron has had incredible life. From standing in the corner at school with a dunce's cap on, being teased and beaten, and not talking until well into his teens, he started teaching calculus to the engineers working on the Polaris missile system before he turned 20! He went on to become a millionaire through real estate but always felt like a fraud because he could not read or write.

Ron reveals his amazing breakthrough and how he now teaches The Gift of Dyslexia through his network of international facilitators. A truly compassionate and amazing man."

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Interview 2

"Ron Davis continues his fascinating interview and reveals that over the last decade, the number of children being born with autism has increased by 500 percent - and Ron says this phenomenon is only the beginning. He shares who these 'new people' are, and how our educational system needs to respond, not just for their sake but for the sake of ALL children."

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