Learning Difficulties, or Learning Differences?


There are some bright and creative people who thrive in conventional learning environments.

There are others - just as bright and creative - who do not.

Traditionally, dyslexia and related difficulties in areas such as reading, writing, maths, coordination and attention focus have been "clinicised" as quasi-medical disabilities.

Yet this view is coming under increasing scrutiny, coupled with growing awareness of the particular strengths that tend to come with these difficulties. Many of those who experience dyslexia or related learning issues display unusual creative talents,have vivid imaginations, come up with original solutions and can either "visualise" or "intuit".

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The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop – a Participant's View

Watch Subiratha Sivakumaran's account of her journey through the Gift of Dyslexia Workshop in December 2017.

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About Davis Methods

Welcome to the Davis methods - a powerful hands-on system of learning, devised by a dyslexic, that utilises dyslexic intelligence as a learning tool.

For 27 years, our one-to-one intensive Programmes have been enabling children and adults - using their own natural talent - to overcome difficulties with literacy, numeracy, hand-eye coordination, handwriting, attention focus and energy management.

In the classroom, our approach successfully brings together learners of all different thinking styles, creating learning experiences which stimulate the academically able and protect the at-risk learner at the same time.

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