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The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop

A 5-day hands-on workshop in transforming lives with the Davis methods

"Thank you — your course still remains the most fascinating and significant that I have ever attended!!!"

- Frances Vacas, former Gift of Dyslexia Workshop participant and primary school teacher


This 5-day workshop is an introduction to the basic theories, principles and application of all the procedures described in Ronald Davis's internationally best-selling book, The Gift of Dyslexia, and more.

Training is done with a combination of lectures, demonstrations, group practice, and question and answer sessions. Attendance is limited to ensure the highest quality of training.

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Who Should Attend

Parents • Home educators • Teachers • SENCOs • Special Needs Support Staff • Tutors •

Psychologists • Counsellors • Speech therapists • Occupational Therapists • Trainers • Researchers • Career Guidance Counsellors • Anyone interested in helping others correct their dyslexia


Participants will learn:

  • How the Davis procedures were developed.

  • How to screen for the “gift of dyslexia” and establish a symptoms profile.

  • How to help dyslexics eliminate perceptual disorientation and focus their attention.

  • Special techniques for working with people who do not visualize well or have ADHD symptoms.

  • How to incorporate and use proven methods for reducing confusion and mistakes in a classroom, home-schooling, tutoring or therapeutic setting.

  • How to structure a Davis Dyslexia Programme.


Online. But You'd Hardly Notice...

To keep you safe during the Covid pandemic, we have moved our professional training online. But the Gift of Dyslexia online is still the Gift of Dyslexia. This is no dry webinar. We employ a host of creative innovations to ensure the same dynamic, convivial, hands-on experience that you would expect from any Davis methods workshop. Features of the online workshop experience include:

  • face-to-face video conferencing in real time

  • short video demonstrations of key procedures in a face-to-face setting

  • animated walk-throughs of our main procedures

  • adapted pairwork practice in "breakout rooms"

  • content review and Q&A sessions to reinforce your learning as you go along

  • in-session use of plasticine, so you can experience Davis Symbol Mastery hands-on

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