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Be The Difference

Dyslexia-inspired Strategies for Inspirational Teachers

Teacher and Student

As teachers, we tend to know intuitively how to teach children who think like us.

It's much more difficult to teach children who think differently. When this doesn't work out, it is easy for both the learner and the teacher to feel demoralised and disempowered.

We've developed a range of short training courses that help you to:

  • gain key insights into how bright but struggling learners tick

  • master fresh strategies that harmonise with the cognitive strengths of all your learners

  • protect children from developing formal learning difficulties

  • foster intellect and independence in all your learners.

Our unique blend of mental self-management tools and clay-based multi-sensory learning is easy to implement, fun, and applicable across a wide range of curricula and learning levels.

Teacher or Proactive Parent?
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Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If ?

The Dyslexic Blueprint for the Future of Education

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The best start for young readers

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Davis Learning Strategies give Key Stage 1 and 2 classroom teachers and learning support assistants an effective and efficient way to develop the beginning reader into an accomplished reader by the end of Year 4, and to give their students lifelong skills in “how to learn”. Proven to prevent formal learning difficulties and increase AGT referrals. Find out more

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Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?

Learning Strategies for Picture Thinkers

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Short, simple and effective, this one-day teacher training gives classroom teachers, learning support teachers, assistants and SENCos key insights into how dyslexics think and learn. Three core strategies are taught that can be implemented across a wide range of learning settings to help render learning memorable, meaningful and permanent. Find out more

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