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Davis Free Offerings

Davis Learning Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Here is a list of valuable dyslexia and autism support resources that we offer at no cost:

From here, you can:

– Get our Free Online Course

– Browse our Forthcoming Events, which regularly include free dyslexia and autism training offerings

You can also:

- Get free Davis Symbol Mastery support

- Review the current body of Research into the Davis Methods

- Look through our Articles Library

- Browse the videos on our Youtube channel

- Browse the international Davis blog

And if you are on Facebook, you can:

- Join the worldwide Davis Dyslexia Support Group

The Davis Methods in a nutshell — explained by their author to Pat Kenny during Ron's Ireland and UK tour back in 2010.

Ron Davis Speaks

Teacher or Proactive Parent?
Get our FREE online course
Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If ?

The Dyslexic Blueprint for the Future of Education


If you have a budget, but a limited one, you might also like to:

- Browse our Dyslexia Bookshop

- Explore the Davis home use kits

Help for those who need it

Gifts for Dyslexia is a Bursary Fund that provides assistance to residents of Ireland, the UK, and the other British Isles in financial need who would benefit from the Davis Programme. 'Gifts for Dyslexia’ considers applications from dyslexic people, people with dyspraxia, dyscalculia, autism, attention deficit and other learning difficulties.

Pay It Forward is our radical new bursary scheme that enables parents experiencing financial hardship to pay for Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If? parent training in good deeds, rather than money.

Currently available for courses presented by Richard Whitehead, a limited number of bursaries will be awarded to applicants who:

  • are experiencing financial need

  • want to attend the course to help a loved-one

  • submit a proposal to pay it forward.

Ways of paying it forward should in some way help bright but struggling learners and could include:

  • using know-how from the course to help a bright but struggling learner outside of your family, for free

  • fundraising for the Gifts For Dyslexia bursary fund

  • raising awareness of the positive talents accompanying dyslexia in a creative way

  • another idea of merit that you come up with yourself.

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