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Davis Dyslexia Facilitator Training

Detailed Course Descriptions

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The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop

This 5-day workshop is an introduction to the basic theories, principles and application of all the procedures described in Ronald Davis's internationally best-selling book, The Gift of Dyslexia, and more.

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Basic Field Assignments

You are then given the opportunity to practice the basic Davis techniques using the knowledge gained in the Gift of Dyslexia Workshop. This practice is done by following a set of study assignments at home in your own time. You receive:

  • detailed package of assignments

  • training videos demonstrating each procedure

  • ongoing consultations from your Supervisor-Specialist, as needed

  • comprehensive feedback on your final reports.

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Basic Practice Meeting

The purpose of the Practice Meeting is to develop a refined level of skill in the basic Davis techniques and enhanced experiential understanding of the perceptual, thinking and learning style of dyslexics. The human qualities that ensure success as a Davis Facilitator are introduced, explored and developed.
Practice takes place in groups of two to three people under the guidance of a Davis Specialist.

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The Advanced Methods Workshop

The Advanced Methods Workshop focuses on dyscalculia (maths difficulties), dysgraphia (handwriting difficulties) and ADHD.

You will be introduced to Davis Concept Mastery and how to apply this technique to concepts such as change, consequence, time, sequence, order and disorder. These concepts are the foundation for the mastery of mathematical processes and equations. They additionally form a crucial part of the process of ADHD correction.

You will become acquainted with the Davis Maths Function Exercises. These twelve exercises quickly lead to competency with dividing three-digit numbers including decimals and fractions.

The workshop covers the primary reasons why handwriting difficulties can develop in picture thinkers and presents a number of simple but effective techniques for their resolution. You will also be introduced to Davis Auditory Orientation and Fine Tuning, a powerful tool for the correction of language problems.


Advanced Field Assignments

Following the Advanced Workshop you are again invited to practise the techniques covered in the workshop at home. Another set of home-study assignments are completed, under supervision and with feedback from your Davis Specialist, this time with an especial focus on mathematics, attention focus, handwriting, and Davis Auditory Orientation. Once again, you receive:

  • detailed package of assignments

  • training videos demonstrating each procedure

  • ongoing consultations from your Supervisor-Specialist, as needed

  • comprehensive feedback on your final reports.

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Advanced Practice Meeting

This five-day Practice Meeting is designed to consolidate your skills in delivering the Basic Davis techniques and to refine your skills using the Advanced techniques. It takes place in small groups, and there is plenty of opportunity to work in pairs under the guidance of a Davis Specialist. Its purpose is to ensure you have confidence in using all the Davis techniques and that you are fully prepared for the next stage of the training (the Supervised Training Pods).

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Supervised Training Pods

These training pods focus on understanding the basic structure of the 5-day Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme and how a programme needs to be tailored to the specific requirements of the individual client.

The pods are conducted in groups of three trainees, under the guidance of a Davis Specialist. In the three weeks you will have the opportunity to experience all the different aspects of the standard Davis programme. You will be able to:

  • Receive a Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme as a client

  • Observe a Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme

  • Give a Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme as the Facilitator


During these training weeks there are sessions focussed on training you in the practicalities of running your own professional Davis Facilitator practice – administration, promotion, licensing requirements etc.

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Mastery of Motivation and Responsibility Workshop

This experiential 2-day workshop covers the basic principles and concepts needed to work with motivation and responsibility. The correct presentation of these two vital ingredients are essential in providing a successful Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme.

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Final Field Assignments

As the final stage of your training you provide four complete 30-hour Davis Dyslexia Correction Programmes in your own professional setting at home with dyslexic clients. You will make records (case studies) of these four programmes and submit them for evaluation to your Davis Specialist.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

If the presentation of your structuring and provision of the Davis Correction programme in the final stages of your training meets the necessary requirements, your Davis Specialist will recommend you to Davis Dyslexia Association International to be licensed as a Licensed Davis Dyslexia Programme Facilitator. Upon recommendation of your Specialist licensing will be granted subject to annual renewal requirements.

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