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Basic Teacher Workshop

The Missing Piece

This workshop provides Primary Teachers (KS1 and first year KS2) with unique and innovative strategies for improving reading instruction and classroom management, and equips young learners with proven life long skills in "how to learn".

Training includes:

  • Theory and Reasoning for each Strategy

  • Classroom implementation suggestions

  • Supervised hands-on practice at each Strategy

  • Q&A and discussion about each Strategy

Included are:

  • Detailed Manual with suggested year-long guides, repromasters, and numerous tips for each Strategy and various curriculum activities.

  • Videos demonstrating each classroom strategy.

  • Workshop Kit, also includes an alphabet strip, letter recognition cards, clay, clay cutter, 2 Koosh® balls, and a dictionary. * Classroom materials sold separately.

  • Post-workshop e-mail consultation with a Davis Learning Strategies Mentor, as needed.

  • Verification of Attendance letter.

  • Refreshments.

Workshop Hours: 9.30 - 4.30

Cost for UK Workshops: £390.00

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