The Gift of Dyslexia Workshop – online

Detailed Course Contents


  • The “gifts” of dyslexia. How a talent can cause a problem.

  • The three "puzzle pieces" of dyslexia.

  • Disorientation and perceptual distortion.

  • Symptoms Profile Interview (used to assess symptoms, strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and establish motivation)

    • Demonstration and Pairwork Session

  • Dyslexia and picture thinking

  • The dyslexic way of reading

  • Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment (a screening for dyslexic learning styles)

    • Demonstration and Guided Walk-Through

Evening assignment:practise Perceptual Ability Assessment at home (with a family member if possible)


  • Review and Q & A

  • Subliminal thinking

  • The threshold for confusion

  • Anatomy and developmental stages of a learning disability

  • Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment

    • Pairwork practice

  • Davis Orientation Counselling (methods to control, monitor and turn off perceptual distortion)

    • What is Orientation?

    • Preparing your client for the session

    • Demonstration and Guided Walk-Through

    • Pairwork practice

Evening assignment:practise Orientation Counselling at home (with a family member if possible)


  • Review and Q & A

  • Release Procedure (method for alleviating stress and headaches)

  • Orientation Review Procedure (a method for checking orientation skills)

    • Demonstration

  • Alignment (a tactile-kinaesthetic alternative to Orientation Counselling)

    • What is Alignment? How is it used?

    • Group Demonstration

  • Reading for Disorientation (practice in self-detecting disorientation and re-orientating)

    • Demonstration

  • Dial-Setting Procedure (a method for controlling energy level and ADD symptoms)

    • Group Demonstration

Evening assignment: practise Orientation Review and (optionally) Reading for Disorientation at home (with a family member if possible)


  • Review and Q & A

  • Fine-Tuning Procedure (checking and adjusting orientation using balance)

    • Demonstration

    • Pairwork practice

  • Davis Symbol Mastery

  • What is Symbol Mastery? Why clay?

  • Alphabet Mastery

    • Demonstration

    • Pairwork practice

  • Davis Facilitator Licensing Programme

Evening assignment: practise Fine-Tuning Procedure at home (with a family member if possible)


  • Review and Q & A

  • Punctuation Mastery Procedure

  • Dictionary Skills

  • Reading Improvement Exercises:

    • Spell-Reading.

    • Sweep-Sweep-Spell.

    • Picture-at-Punctuation.

  • Symbol Mastery Exercises for Words

    • Demonstrations and Group Exercises

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