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Investing in Dyslexia

A Guide to Choosing an Alternative Approach

© Richard Whitehead, 2004 – 2021

Nowadays, parenting a dyslexic child can be confusing. A number of exciting new approaches to learning difficulties now exist, offering the prospect of rapid improvement of a kind that traditional methods cannot deliver.

Any alternative or private treatment Programme will involve financial outlay. How to be sure you have found the Programme that is right for your child?

  • Transparency – does the theory behind the Programme “make sense” to you? Do its authors explain their ideas in simple terms without over-using scientific jargon?

  • Ask your child – if an initial pre-programme consultation is offered, go for it. Afterwards, ask your child how he/she felt and trust his/her intuition.

  • Positive attitude – is the Programme trying to “fix” your child’s dyslexia? Or does it work with, and respect, the dyslexic style of learning? How will the Programme’s philosophy of dyslexia impact on your child’s self-esteem?

  • Partnership with parents – does the Programme include training/counselling for you the parent?

  • Testimonials – ask for telephone numbers of others who have done the Programme.

Recommended reading:

  • The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Dyslexia: Learn The Key Signs Of Dyslexia And Find The Best Treatment Options For Your Child, Abigail Marshall.

  • Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If?, Richard Whitehead.

  • In the Mind’s Eye, Thomas West.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder – A Different Perception, Thom Hartmann.

  • How To Talk So Kids Will Listen – Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

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