Based on the Davis methods for dyslexia correction, this kit enables parents of children ages 5-7 to home teach and help young learners to:

  • focus attention
  • improve eye-hand coordination
  • learn the alphabet
  • learn basic punctuation
  • develop and strengthen pre-reading and basic reading skills
  • prevent the potential of a learning problem
  • improve sight word recognition and comprehension
  • establish life-long "how to learn" skills.


For older children (age 8 and up), we recommend the Davis Symbol Mastery Kit. Kit should be selected based on the age of the child, not on current reading level.


Note: This kit is not intended for classroom use.

Teachers: Please visit our Davis Learning Strategies section for information about our classroom programme for primary school children.

Davis Young Learner Kit for Home Use

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    • Parent Instruction Manual
    • Reusable Modelling Clay (1 kg)
    • Clay Cutter
    • Webster's Children's Dictionary - (Hardback)
    • Punctuation Marks & Styles Booklet
    • Two Koosh or Pom Pom Balls
    • Letter Recognition Cards
    • Laminated Alphabet Strip
    • Stop Signs for Reading Chart
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