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The Missing Piece


A Breakthrough In Primary Education

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The Dyslexic Blueprint for the Future of Education

Would you like to …

  • Reach all the children in your class, regardless of their learning style?

  • Manage your classroom more effectively?

  • Have methods that are easy to implement and flexible?

  • Meet early intervention reading needs that prevent the onset of SpLD?

Davis® Learning Strategies were conceived in 1993 and developed after six years of piloting in several US primary school classrooms.

Their goal is to give Key Stage 1 and 2 classroom teachers and learning support assistants an effective and efficient way to develop the beginning reader into an accomplished reader by the end of Year 4, and to give their students lifelong skills in “how to learn”.

Davis Learning Strategies training is primarily intended for those wishing to work with children of mixed learning styles in a classroom environment. If your interest is in support training for dyslexia, AD/HD and/or related learning difficulties, click here for details of our Davis Dyslexia training programme.

The core Davis Learning Strategies

Davis Focussing Skills are an innovative set of self-regulation skills. These simple tools provide students with the self-directed ability to be focussed on the learning task at hand.

Davis Symbol Mastery allows students to master the alphabet, punctuation marks and basic sight words with a simple, easy and fun alternative to pencil-paper activities and drill exercises. Davis Reading Exercises improve skill in word recognition and comprehension. They can be used alone or as a supplement to other reading programmes.

Davis Learning Strategies tap into the creative learning process of all children regardless of their learning style and speed. The naturally strong kinaesthetic learning style of all young children is employed as a primary learning tool in the acquisition of literacy skills.


Davis Focussing Skills are reinforced by the use of balance, throwing and catching in the so-called Koosh Ball Exercises.

Materials are “non-consumable” and can be used over and over again in many curriculum areas, making the Strategies easy to implement and flexible…


… while mental “how-to-learn” tools help children to stay on task…

...and build self-esteem through success.

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